Remedial Massage for relief of tension, stress and muscular aches

Remedial Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissue of the body such as muscles, ligaments and tendons. Various massage movements are used to promote circulation, increase blood supply and break down fibrous areas which may have formed in muscle, thereby alleviating pain and discomfort and promoting the body’s ability to heal

The Benefits

Whether you are looking for treatment of a specific condition or just general relaxation the benefits are positive.

Increases blood supply and nutrition to muscle

Relaxes muscle spasm and relieves tension

Breaks down excessive scar tissue and adhesions within damaged muscle

Above All It : Makes you feel good!

Massage for Sport

If you play sport at any level then working your muscles harder and harder, so even with regular stretching and warming up, they are likely to become tight and sore. Tight muscles are more susceptible to both acute muscle injuries, and overuse problems. They can also lose their flexibility.

Results of sports massage

  • Speeds recovery after hard training or competition

  • Increased muscular flexibility irrespective of range of movement

  • Spots potential overuse problems before they become overuse injuries

  • The overall aim is to enhance performance and prevent injury

Tisha Sutherland LCSP(Assoc) Remedial Masseuse

Letitia Sutherland, BA LCSP(Assoc).

My quality of life has improved lots since having Tisha’s massages. I am a mum of three little children and the pain in my back used to keep me on strong tablets constantly. Now a days I only need a soft painkiller from time to time. I am more relaxed as the pain is gone and do not stress out anymore with trying to cope with my regular activities and a painful back.

Ana Crowther

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